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A rough opening

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 6, 2015, 9:32 AM
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Well. It has been a long time I didn't write a journal so I forgot how to deal with it ._./ Actually I am not really active here for a while. 

well.... Nothing special. I just made a rough (fake) opening of M.I.S - the RPG  which I played with my friends so I want to share it here. XD

I know, I need to practice more with animation. Anyway, enjoy it ! =P
(This took me about 250 slides lol)


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Facebook Page

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 6:53 AM
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Hello everyone ~ (=ↀωↀ= )

I just want to let you know that I’ve made a Facebook page which I will post more WIP and more frequent works. Follow me on FB if you want :") Thank you so much! ;w;" :heart:…

Bad Cross AMV - Parody of Bad Apple

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 22, 2014, 10:05 AM
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Hello there,
Long time no update~ ;w; :heart: I miss you guys so much _: (´□`」 ∠):_

okay, I made an AMV, it is parody of the AMV Bad Apple. (ΦωΦ)
The characters in this AMV are my original characters in my manga. I was super excited to see them moving and dancing like this XDDD
Yeah it took me about 750 slides in total lol ఠ ͟ಠ (what wrong with me for spending my vacation on this heck )
You can watch it here XD

Bad Cross

Artist feature

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 3, 2013, 9:23 AM
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Hello there ~ (^-^*)

My friend :iconyenni-vu: is an awesome artist who needs more love ~ <3 (;ω;`)

Visit her gallery to see more cute traditional and digital artworks : D 

Camellia Miku by Yenni-Vu Pretty Little Liars by Yenni-Vu Underwater Nurse Elodie by Yenni-Vu
 Black Magnolia by Yenni-Vu Hopeless by Yenni-Vu Count down by Yenni-Vu 

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Thank you so much everyone

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 8:57 PM
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Hi everyone, long time no see.
Sorrys for a long time no update. I couldn't be online on DA for a while. :iconlazycryplz:

Though I had abandoned DA for a long time, everyone still remembered me and greeted me happy birthday, I am so moved. TT_TT. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all birthday wishes. I am very very happy. TT^TT

I've received a lot of sweet birthday wishes and a lot of cakes on DA .  I am sorry for couldn't reply to each comment, but I have looked through every single wish. :heart: You are so nice, my friends. :hug:
Also, thanks to all my friends who wished me happy birthday on Facebook. :heart: ;v:
I love you all! :tighthug:


I hope everyone a happy holliday, and all goes well for the New Year. :heart:

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Hello everyone, long time no see. : D
How are you doing? I miss you guys so much >A<

Thank everyone for encouraging me in my previous journal. I'm sorry for not reply all of your comments, but I've read them very carefully and I felt deeply moved. I had been very anxious about a new life before I took my flight to Japan, but thanks to your encouragement, I felt confident and had more strength.

It was more than 2 months since I came to Japan. Time passed so quickly, I can't believe that it was 2 months passed. Although the study is still very hard for me but I am getting used to life here. The usual communication is not too difficult for me. Within 2 months, I had a lot of interesting experience here. Meeting new people, approaching a new culture, enjoying foods of a new country, starting an independent life, facing challenges, experiencing harsh trials and teaching my-self new lessons about life, all of these things are possible only when studying abroad. I feel lucky that I was able to make life in the country that I loved since I was a child. I came to Japan at the right time sakura bloomed. What a special experience. I've taken so many photos. I want to share them  by putting them in this journal, but since my premium membership has expired, I can't do that. D:

What worries me the most is the time is too mean for me recently. I can't draw much. I really need time to draw and be online on dA much as I did before D: . I apologize for not being able to reply your comments regularly, and for making my commissioners have to wait for me. I promise to finish the commissions as soon as I could. >A<
(waaa I need time to continue drawing my manga so badllyyyyyy D: )

Again, thank everyone deeply for supporting me in all this time, for interested in my work. I am very very happy. ;v;
When I came back to dA after a long time abandoned it, I was stricken by the numbers of messengers, notes and deviations O_o. I can't believe that I got the 4th DD. I am really thankful for it. Thank you thank you so much. ; ;

P / s: I just realized that now it is possible to change names on dA. I also want to try to change, but when I saw so many names changed in the same time, I was confused and took a long time to recognize these people is who. @_@ (morever, my premium was run out so I can't do that now, haha). I will consider about changing my name later ~ : P
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Leaving for Japan.

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 26, 2012, 1:04 PM
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Uhm... hello there,

Just want to say I am leaving for Japan for... 2 years. The flight will take off tomorrow and I will in Japan, in 28. ;-;
I will finish my studies there. It is because of the student exchange program between my current uni and the Saga uni in Japan.

.... Bawww, I just write this journal to let my friends/watchers know because I might be on hiatus for a while. I will come back sooner or later, it depends on the situation of the accommodation where I will live. I will try to get internet access soon. ;__; Aww This is the first time I really live far away from my parents, so I kinda feel nervous about the trip D: I don't know what I will have to face up to. Yes, I am still depending on my parents too much and I would be afraid of living independently. This is good opportunity for me to grow up but I would be afraid of facing new challenges a bit ;_;. I just hope everything goes smoothly.

I still can't cook! *cries*. The only dishes I can do until now is fried eggs and boiled vegetables. So I think I'll stick with fast food or instant noodles. ;A;" I can't eat Japanese food such as sashimi or sushi. I need to learn to cook soon if I do not want to starve...

It will be very difficult for me in the first months of life there. My Japanese is still quite bad, so it will take a long time to get used to communicating. But that's not really scary to me. What worries me the most is that I can catch up the study program or not. The new semester will be started in April so I will be very busy at that time. I hope the studies will not be too hard and don't exhaust me too much so I still have time to draw... ;_;"

Just wanna say that. Bye bye everyone. :happycry:
I love everyone. ;7; :heart:

Waa I will miss :iconmeomeongungu: and :iconmeodualeo: and other Vietnamese friends so much. Couldn't meet them for a long time made my heart broken. We 've met each other every week but now we can't anymore....

Some pics from :iconmeomeongungu: for me...
If there is a chance, then we'll surely meet again.

Now it is 3 a.m but I still can't sleep....

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Secret-White-Day Wishlist

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2012, 9:41 PM
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Just copy paste my previous wishlist here. (sorry I am super lazy and super late (シ_ _)シ )

I am sorry to the other group who invited me, but I think I am able to join only this event because of my debts and my time ;v; Anh thank you for inviting me as well.

For Secret-White-Day Event held by :icons-secretsanta:

Dear Secret Santa Secret Cupid (?!) , here is my wishlist . ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  

You can choose to draw one or two of my/my friend 's OCs.

1. Kyo.
CS_Kyo by kandasama Kyo. by kandasama

2. Mei.…
CS_Mei by kandasama Sunset by meodualeo
(I prefer you draw her together with Kyo, haha :P )

3. Shiratoru.
Sakura Sakura Aitaiyo by kandasama The spring song by kandasama

If you choose to draw Shira, I want you draw him in this outfit……

(I also prefer you draw Shira with Kyo ( ̄▽ ̄)/  )

4. Kash
Simple 's... by kandasamaButterfly. by kandasamaBetray by kandasama

5. Tsukeru.…
Last Inferno by kandasama Smoke by kandasama

Thank you so much ~ o(^▽^)o

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I- I just want to say THANK YOU !!!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2011, 3:38 AM
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Hey everyone,

I- I just want to say THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH to you ! :heart:
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

OMG I am too happy :icontearplz: So many people greeted me happy birthday TT3TT  *dies of happiness*
Everyone is always sooo kind to me. You absolutely made my wonderful birthday. >/////<

In my birthday, I've had lunch with my family, then had dinner (at Loteria) with my friends. Everything is great.

I've received some super lovely presents, which could make me die without regret. :iconlazycryplz:

This is wondergul gift from :iconmeomeongungu:. *happy tears* I swear loveee this so much TT3TT.

I also want to give special thanks to :iconshrimpheby: for the gorgeous Christmas Present. She is my great SecrectSanta. :heart:. Thanks to :iconmikiclover: and :iconcolorful--melody: for the super cute fanarts.  Thanks to :iconjkhgkdfjhgdarkj: for the gift. They absolutely made my day.  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ      

Thanks to :iconpotatopou::iconhikarixmiku::iconandharian: for giving me points, for 2  Anonymous Deviants gave me Premium Membership! TT_TT (why didn't you let me know your name, sweet Anonymous deviants? )

And special thanks to

...for the sweet birthday wishes and a lot of cakes.  ヽ(;▽;)ノ I hope I didn't miss anyone.
(I am sorry for couldn't reply to each comment, but I have looked through every single wish.)

And thanks to all my friends who wish me happy birthday on Facebook. >3< :heart::heart::heart:

I LOVE YOU ALL EVERYONE !!! :iconbrohugplz:


;w; :heart: Hope you will have a great Happy new year :heart:

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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 27, 2011, 6:09 AM
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For :icons-secretsanta: Secret Santa Event. Thank you so much for invitation. Iam so honored. (^_^)

Dear Secret Santa, here is my wishlist . ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  

You can choose to draw one or two of my/my friend 's OCs.

1. Kyo.
CS_Kyo by kandasama Kyo. by kandasama

2. Mei.…
CS_Mei by kandasama Sunset by meodualeo

(I prefer you draw her together with Kyo like this, haha :P )
Lets be friend by kandasamaThat smile ll never come again by kandasama

3. Tsukeru.…
Last Inferno by kandasama Smoke by kandasama

4. Kash
Simple 's... by kandasamaButterfly. by kandasamaBetray by kandasama

4. Shiratoru.
Sakura Sakura Aitaiyo by kandasama Fake wings by meodualeoThe spring song by kandasama

(I also prefer you draw Shira with Kyo ( ̄▽ ̄)… )

Thank you so much Santa ~ o(^▽^)o

aw Iam so inactive recently.
Dear Santa, I also wish I could get a day off school on Saturday. -____-"


Journal Entry: Tue Jul 26, 2011, 5:01 AM
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Finally I have got a Tumblr .
I just post sketches, doodles, Wips or random works there.
Follow me if you'd like. XD

Hey, and give me your Tumblr here :")



試験をうまくしなくて、悪い気持ちをしている僕に ひどいニュースが来た。









がんばってね。 いつも君のそばにいる。

Muốn viết cái gì đó mà ko có ai đọc.
Muốn viết bằng tiếng Hàn nhưng có biết tí tiếng Hàn nào đâu mà viết.
Viết được vài dòng tiếng Nhật thì có cảm giác như chưa viết được gì.
Lẽ ra là không nên viết gì cả.... ._.


Đời fan gơ có sung sướng gì cho cam.

Commission (Open) - (Updated)

Journal Entry: Fri May 20, 2011, 6:54 AM
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:star: Commission :star:
Exam is finally over, I am now able to open commission again. Send me a note or comment below if you are interested.  (=v=")


I DO:  Your (or your friend's) OCs, Fanart, ...
I DON'T DO: Yaoi, yuri, hentai, ecchi, realistic style,
mecha stuff, animals (some pets are ok)

Look at my gallery to see more arts and check whether my style is okay for your request or not:…

:bulletblack:Watercolor Bookmark
:shamrock: Only head-shot/ chest-up: $40
* Just 1 character for each bookmark
Ex: Good night. by kandasamaAutumn 's smell by kandasama

:shamrock: Half-body, Waist-up, Knee-up: $50
*1 additional character : + 70% 
Ex: Truth Of My Destiny by kandasama A morning calm by kandasama  Maple Drops by kandasama

:shamrock: Only head-shot/ chest-up: $30
* Just 1 character for each ACEO

Ex: Power by kandasama

:bulletblack: A5 Watercolor 
:shamrock: Half-body (Just one character) : $50
Ex: Flow by kandasama  Floating by kandasama

:bulletblack: A4 Watercolor 
:shamrock: Headshot/Chest up : $50
*1 additional character : + 70% 
Connection by kandasama  Musician by kandasama  Luna by kandasama

:shamrock: Half body : $65
*1 additional character : + 70% 
Date by kandasama  2 children by kandasama  Sorry, I am late by kandasama

:shamrock: Full body : $80
*1 additional character : + 70% 
Day-dreaming. by kandasamaSummer Rain by kandasamaDream-chasing by kandasama

:star:You can ask a no-background or simple background one for lower price

:bulletblack:Watercolor Chibi: $30 (simple BG)
OCs. by kandasama  

- I accept Paypal only (I really appreciate if you pay the Paypal fee :) ).
- I'll send you the scan file 300dpi. You can use my commission work for your personal purposes or upload it on your gallery except use it for commercial purposes.
- When i received your money , i'll update your order in the Commission box (include working status) 
- You can ask me about the progress . I can show you the WIP.
- Please be patient.
- Sr but from now I do not send the original because of some troubles in moving my place. (For the commissioners who already sent me the shipping fee, I will still send the original arts. )

Email: (I will send the final work to this email)
Paypal email: ( I can know which is your pay )
Category: (head shot/waist up/full body? )(Sketch - Pencil / A4 watercolor or Bookmark?)
Amount of characters:
About character(s): (give me name(s) + profile(s) (if you want) + some refs of the character you want)

Giảm giá cho người việt :P

Thanks for reading :hug:


Friends who are opening commission:

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Danmei for life group presents:
Set posters and postcards
Posters-Postcards  Pre-order by Claparo-Sans

Let me introduce the postcard and poster series from our Group Danmei for Life (Danmei-For-Life), consisting of 16 traditional pictures (included cover) of 12 Vietnamese artists. All are watercolors.

- Artists: BANP,Claparo-Sans,BachPhung ;HuyetPhung ;GreatUFO; Bloodshedera; yulankokoro; cantieuhy; kandasama; meodualeo; Ivy2411; LeviDansamthepoppy

We get orders from now to April 30. Because the printing amount is limited, your pre-order will be guaranteed for sure.

:superman:Set posters:
- Size: 30cm x 21 cm
- 16 pages 1 side (include cover)
- Full of original pictures (bản in giữ nguyên tình trạng bản gốc)
- Excellent quality print
- Size: 14.5cm x 10.5cm
- 16 pages  (include cover)
- Edited for postcard size (bản in đã được chỉnh sửa để thích hợp với kích cỡ của postcard)
- Excellent quality print




More information --…

We're highly appreciated and thanks for all your attention and supports.

Because I'm one of the authors, I will give you a treat if you buy a set and commission my traditional artwork:

If you buy a set poster , I will send you an original work in A4 size with the set (to who hasn't received their commission yet) or the shipping fee of an A4 commission will be free (to who is almost my client).

If you buy a set postcard, I will do the same things with a traditional bookmark commission  :)

Hope we will have great time together :heart:
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You can donate for Japan via Paypal here:…

Donating via Paypal 's a simple and easy way for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief.

日本、 頑張ってね。

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Tại sao?

Tại sao?

Tại sao?

Tại sao lại phải vào đúng 25/12?
Tại sao bố ko thể để cho con có 1 ngày sinh nhật bình thường?

Từ nhỏ đến giờ, không biết đã bao nhiêu lần tụi con phải chứng kiến cảnh đó. Cứ uống rượu say rồi bố đánh mẹ, đập phá nhà cửa. Cứ dăm bữa nửa tháng bố lại trở chứng 1 lần. Cãi nhau, đánh nhau, rồi làm hoà, rồi lại cãi nhau. Con đã quá chán ngán cái việc không hay ho gì mà cứ lặp đi lặp quá nhiều lần trong cái nhà này rồi.  

Con biết nói thế này thật là bất hiếu và hỗn láo, nhưng con càng ngày càng không thể chịu đựng được bố. Bố không làm bất cứ việc gì trong cái nhà này cả, cả ngày chỉ ăn không ngồi rồi. Không lao động kiếm tiền là một lẽ, đáng ra ít nhất bố hãy sống cho yên ổn để mẹ và tụi con được nhờ. Nhưng có lẽ ông bà ta nói đúng,"nhàn cư vi bất thiện", có lẽ chính vì suốt ngày chỉ ăn chơi, không làm gì, nên bố mới hay lấy việc gây sự và đánh mẹ ra làm trò tiêu khiển chăng?

25/12, sinh nhật con và cũng là sinh nhật bố. Có lẽ chính bố cũng chả nhớ điều này. Con cũng không mong mỏi gì việc bố sẽ nhớ sinh nhật con chứ đừng nói là việc nhận bất cứ món quà nào từ bố. Con chỉ mong bố sống yên ổn và cho con 1 ngày sinh nhật như bao ngày bình thường. Nhưng ngay cả chuyện đó cũng không được. Buổi tối lúc con về nhà, con vẫn thấy bố ngồi coi tivi, vẫn hỏi con đi đâu về, thế mà chỉ mấy tiếng sau, con đã phải choàng tỉnh vì tiếng rơi vỡ, tiếng khóc của mẹ. Bố đã lại có thể say xỉn, rồi đánh đập mẹ, rồi đập phá nhà cửa.... Bố làm nhà cửa tan nát vào đúng hôm sinh nhật của mình. Bố có biết là, mẹ đã nói rằng mẹ đã đặt sẵn bàn ăn, để cả nhà ta có thể cùng đi ăn mừng sinh nhật bố và con. Mẹ đã chuẩn bị thế nào, bố đâu có biết, và bố đã phá hỏng tất cả. Mẹ đã phải nói trong nước mắt rằng nhà ta năm nay sẽ không có đón Tết gì hết. Vui vẻ thế nào khi ngay cả hạnh phúc gia đình cũng chả có? Năm ngoái cũng vậy, vào đúng đêm Giao Thừa thì bố lại lên cơn rồi đập phá. Năm trước nữa thì ngay trong  bữa cơm Tết, bố trở chứng chửi mắng mẹ. Đã bao lâu nhà mình không có 1 cái Tết vui vẻ rồi? Và phải đến bao lâu nữa gia đình mình mới có 1 cái Tết đúng nghĩa?

Mẹ và tụi con còn phải chịu đựng bố đến bao giờ nữa đây?

Nhiều lúc con ước rằng, giá như mẹ đừng lấy bố, lúc đó có thể tụi con sẽ không được sinh ra, nhưng mẹ cũng sẽ không phải khổ như thế này.


Xin lỗi mọi người vì đã bắt mọi người đọc cái jn sặc mùi emo thế này. Quả thực rằng mình đã phải cố gắng nhẫn nhịn rất nhiều để không phải viết những thứ đại loại như thế này trên DA, nhưng rốt cuộc chuyện như thế này xảy ra vào đúng cái hôm sinh nhật mình, khiến mình không thể chịu nổi nữa. Và thực ra, trên đó là những câu mình thực sự muốn gào lên trong đêm qua trước mặt bố, nhưng rốt cuộc , vì... nhát chết nên không dám, :| đành lên đây gào cho đỡ uất ức.
Và cám ơn mọi người đã bỏ thời gian ra đọc đống spam của mình ; ;

Cám ơn tất cả mọi người. Cám ơn vì đã quan tâm, cám ơn vì tất cả những lời chúc mừng sinh nhật mọi người đã gửi đến cho mình. Mình thật sự rất rất vui khi đọc những lời chúc đó. Chúng làm tâm trạng mình thoải mái hơn rất nhiều. :hug:
Cảm ơn vì tất cả.

Thank you very much everyone. Thank you for caring me. Thank you for all of birthday wishes. I really appreciate them :hug: I feel so happy because of your care, your love and your support. You are the best, my friends :heart:
Iam really happy because I joined DA, when I can find more and more true friends. Thanks for supporting me during 2010. I'll work more hard and always try my best :hug:

Wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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Shining Boy Feature XD

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 18, 2010, 2:06 AM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

Happy birthday to GDragon oppa~~~~ :icontuzkidanceplz:

Because I have no regrets from loving you.....
18/8 's Kwon Ji Yong oppa's birthday~ Great Leader of BigBang :heart: Thank godness for bringing JiYong to this world, bringing that smile to us, bringing his music to VIP~~ TT^TT~~
I adore you forever~ My Shining Boy...

My day be stuffed with works and emotion
, and I can't draw something for your birthday oppa TT^TT Please forgive me~

I went around on DA and found out some sweet-gorgeous-amazing GD fanarts, and wanna to feature those pieces as spreading love with BigBang's Leader around DA~ Enjoy~~~ :XD:

:thumb166543381:GDragon by meomeongungu:thumb133704694::thumb142796059::thumb120545142::thumb166834228::thumb156353985::thumb170882734::thumb157086680::thumb149164838:G-Dragon by jine00G DRAGON by thonn:thumb135311035:HBD GDragon by hebi-mamecafeCute GD by hebi-mamecafeHappy New year by hebi-mamecafeButterfly by hebi-mamecafeHBD TOP by hebi-mamecafeSR,, PARODY by poompol2GD,,Shout of Red by poompol2GD,,lollipop2 by poompol2GD,,heathbreaker,,again by poompol2GD,,WIN by poompol2GD,,Smoke by poompol2G Dragon Heart breaker by okita-cathonbonG-Dragon by Aleethg-dragon by nyugyuGD - HEARTBREAKER by megounette:thumb174596211:Heartbreaker by Jin0410Shine A Light by CalmalityI love GD by BeaAranetaI Will Still Be There by innocent-passionReally gone by MyEmoness444G-Dragon lollipop by yuisama:thumb166638310:GD Sleeping Face by FeiLeiIB- G-Dragon by Dee-Infinity'Breathe' G-Dragon by ChurabuHeartbreaker? by Smile-desuBy Paint-GD-Heart Breaker by xxxsaiG-dragon Heart breaker by curlymobbGD and gaho by nechuuMy Heaven by Claparo-SansTada by cantieuhyYong Yong loves Gaho by cantieuhyG-Dragon by KannyMOsHeartbreaker by IovejunkieG-dragon-solo by longfacedevilGD: Heart Breaker by manisaurusBB - Kwon Jiyong by Ar-ze713Heartbreaker - GDragon by zamarokHeartBreak-ers II by JunsuBreathless by JunsuHeatbreaker by Maiden-of-LifeGD,,Bloody by poompol2G-dragon by leejun35winter begin by U-ryuuzaki:thumb155499578::thumb161147920:GD,,Rose by poompol2HeartBreak-ers by JunsuTempG Sketch by nunamna

(tell me if I miss your piece XD)

and Happy 4th Anniversary of BigBang~~~ :heart:

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To do list

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 12, 2010, 7:36 AM
Cell Phone Themes | Photography | Wallpapers |Photoshop Brushes
and more...

Lập cái list này để kiểm kê số nợ của mình, nhân tiện làm động lực để mềnh cố hoàn thành trả nợ sớm... tuy nói là sớm, nhưng chắc ko thể trả sớm nổi đâu :roll: . Mềnh ko biết cái list này có đầy đủ hay ko, vì đầu óc mình ko thể nhớ nổi những món nợ từ lâu. Ai bị tớ nợ mà chưa được nêu ở đây thì nhắc nhé :icontuzkisweatdropplz:

:rose::iconbanp::heart: 1 tranh YongYong cho ss.
Mấy lần ngồi vẽ YongYong mà toàn bị hỏng a TT^TT... Muốn vẽ mà quả tóc của anh trong TMGB sao vật vã quá ah... chắc mềnh sẽ phải quay lại xa xưa tìm nguồn cảm hứng từ Coffee Bangs Five cho dễ quá àh '_'....

:rose::iconwini116: Anh Nicolas.
Trang phục anh quốc thời xưa sao mà vật vã quá , vẽ xong cái sketch đã thấy oải roài.... :icontuzkisweatdropplz:

:rose::iconwlotus-2307: Kiếm Liên
Thực ra thì nợ của bạn hiền tớ đã vẽ xong từ lâu, vì là free sketch nên hoàn thành ko lâu lắm ^^;, nhưng mà tớ thấy xấu xấu thế naò ấy nhìn ko ra bé Kiếm, nên tớ định để nếu có hứng thì sẽ vẽ lại, còn nếu ko thì 1 thời gian nữa sẽ up trả bạn luôn = ="""

:rose::icongreatufo: Anh Golden của ss.
Trước h mềnh tự thấy ko giỏi tô tóc vàng cho lắm, ko biết có tô nổi ko nữa a... Mà quan trọng nhất là mềnh ko biết nghĩ ra tư thế thế nào đây ... Otoke! Bị bí rồi a....

:rose::iconrealbite: YongYong (again) cho cô yêu <3...
Nợ từ tháng 9 tới h rồi... tội lỗi ghê nơi~~~~

:rose::iconjine00: free sketch 2 OCs của bạn ý ^^

:rose::iconmurcuseo:a young woman and her son kneeling beside a pond feeding fish, with the fish sticking their heads out of the water to pinch the food from their fingers. Maybe have an overhanging tree and some water lillies in there.
Tranh cảm tạ bạn đã tặng sub, may mà bạn ý ko đề nghị cái jì quá khó :lol:, mềnh thấy thích đề tài này a :lol:

Tạm thời mới nhớ ra 6 cái nợ, TT__TT còn ai bị nợ thì nhắc tớ bổ sung atốt nhất là đừng nhắc Và chắc chắn là tớ chưa trả được ngay đây, chỉ cố gắng trả sớm trong khả năng có thể thôi *rolls*

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Thank you TTwTT

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 9, 2010, 3:23 AM

Thank :iconmurcuseo: for 12 Months Premium Membership :iconsweethugplz: You are so kind ;__; I was very very surprised :wow: It's so appreciate . You really made my day *__*  If I can make any help, please tell me, I'll try my best ;___;....

Thật là ko ngờ mình có ngày được tặng sub TT^TT, bất ngờ quá đi a... Bạn ấy ko có sub mà tặng mình 12 tháng lận, thật chả biết nói sao ;___;....

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